Adena offers individualized support for students who experience difficulties learning math.  Through weekly one-on-one sessions, Adena works with students to address their specific math learning needs and strengthen their math-related academic, social-emotional, and learning skills.  Adena aims to provide students with positive learning experiences and opportunities to develop the skills and insights they need to become successful, independent, active math learners.  Areas of focus may include the following:

Academic Math Support

Adena helps students to develop their mathematical conceptual understandings, procedural knowledge, and/or problem-solving skills. Students have opportunities to clarify and deepen their understanding of math material, fill in holes where problems or topics are not making sense, build their mathematical skills and mastery, and strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Social-Emotional Math Support

Adena works with students to strengthen their social-emotional experiences with math.  Adena helps students to build their awareness of their challenges (e.g., confidence, anxiety, negative attitudes about math) in age-appropriate ways, and to help them explore, identify, and develop strategies, skills, and supports that may help them to thrive in school.

Math Learning Skills Support

For students whose math difficulties are compounded by  organizational or motivational challenges, Adena helps students to build important self-regulation skills such as organizing learning materials, studying effectively, showing work appropriately, asking clarifying questions, and learning to take responsibility for one’s own learning.

Support for Learning Disabilities

Adena works with students with ADHD and Specific Learning Disabilities/Disorders in Mathematics to help them understand how their disabilities impact their math learning abilities and to develop strategies to support their specific learning needs.